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Friday, March 11, 2011

If you get good enough at the brake control, you can ride a wheelie in first until the motor blows, in theory. But at first you will probably just run through your rpm range and drop the front down. This is when you need to shift to second. It's a clutchless shift, at the peak of the wheelie when you have about 3k rpms left before redline. Let the front come down just a bit and simultaneously shift to second.

6th step is..Once you get in the second gear, pull the accelerator so as not to let the bike go down due to inertia, and find a balance point upon which your bike is steady in the air on the front wheel. Balance point can be found by leaning on the rear side of the bike, so that centre of gravity of the whole system (you and bike) is in the centre, and you can roll on long. But take care as not to shift the body position on the back side, as you will be likely to fall in that case, and keep your rear brake ready for any such situation.

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