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Friday, March 11, 2011

Wheelie Steps

First step is a basic "roll on power wheelie".

Basically you need a bike with enough power to raise the front wheel off the ground with simple acceleration. You need to get comfortable with the front end getting "light". Most stock bikes won't be able to do this without some modification. You can also try getting the bike up to a good speed in first gear(around 25-35 mph), once you reach the powerband (where the engine starts to go faster with little throttle) let off just a little, then give it a lot of gas. Not so much gas that you flip over, but a good amount. You'll notice the front end pick up, and if you let off the gas, it goes back down. More gas after the powerband will get it up higher. If you don't have a stabilizer, this would be the ideal time to get one. Trying to lift the bike off the ground and then comming back down suddenly will cause the front tire to shake. If you don't land almost perfectly straight, you will do a highside (flip off the bike over the front). You will be hurting and so will your bike. Once you get comfortable with the front end getting light, try to carry the wheelie further each time. After you are comfortable with this move on to the next step, which is slipping the clutch.

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